Pivotal is the world’s first multi-agent AI-based orchestration engine. Pivotal analyzes your current state of operation and adjusts operational processes accordingly, ensuring every player on the team is performing optimally in real time by:

  • Coordinating and distributing real time tasks based on capabilities, location, availability
  • Adapting workflows to efficiently run through diverse levels of demand and operational changes
  • Sharing information across people, robots, and associated systems with intuitive user interfaces
  • Integrating seamlessly with legacy automation, piece-picking robots, WMS, and MES systems

Autonomy Stack

Our technology transforms material handling equipment into value-generating, intelligent, connected self-driving vehicles. Our Autonomy Stack brings together:


  • A fused array of multiple sensors for high confidence navigation
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance to ensure safety while working alongside people and manually driven vehicles
  • Topological reasoning to find the best way to complete the mission at hand
  • True autonomy through local coordinated decision making to ensure work gets done even when the unexpected occurs
  • Simple UI’s for easy integration and access to information within the operation

Intuitive User Interface

Collective workflows require accessible systems. Our user-friendly interfaces facilitate natural collaboration between humans and intelligent automation. Devices display sequenced pick lists containing SKU images, quantity, and tote information. Our system is easy to learn and operate so pickers can quickly find and validate SKUs, diminishing errors and sustaining high-pick accuracy.


In order to thrive in an unpredictable world you need to always be improving.

Beacon is the engine behind our continual performance improvement. This service merges software updates, data analytics, neural networks, and our 24/7 remote operations center together, embodying our customer-first commitment. It analyzes data collected by Vecna robots as they work and feeds it back to them to improve performance, driving a cycle of continuous learning that strengthens your investment.

Dynamic Envelope Protection

Vecna robotics is dedicated to your safety.

Our vehicles are architected with an aerospace-grade multi-level safety system and are ANSI B56.5 compliant. They are equipped with 360-degree sensor protection and enhanced obstacle detection and avoidance, allowing them to navigate smoothly around both static and dynamic obstacles. They run at speeds tuned to the environment and their load capacity to deliver maximum throughput without sacrificing the safety of other people or machines.