Vecna Robotics Brian Reeves to receive award from The City of Boston Homes for the Brave

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CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (January 17, 2019)– Vecna Robotics’ Brian Reeves has been selected for a special award by The City of Boston Homes for the Brave Leadership Team at the New England Center and Home for Veterans.

Boston Homes for the Brave was launched in 2014 as Boston’s response to Michelle Obama’s challenge to mayors across the country to commit to end veterans’ homelessness by the end of 2015. The initiative includes a “functional zero” goal to make sure that no veteran sleeps on the street except for “a rare and brief” period of being homeless and to have all veterans housed, or on a path to stable housing.

The event takes place on January 17th to a celebrate all the people who have collaborated to house more than 880 Veterans since the Mayor’s Challenge began in 2014.

Brian served in the Navy as a pilot for 28 years, commanded an F/A-18 squadron, and served in OEF and OIF. “The culture of the Military is unique. Supporting fellow veterans in a time of need is an honor and opportunity I will never forget. Our shared military experience helps to establish trust and a special connection critical to restoring dignity and pride. We are all committed to finding homes for veterans experiencing homelessness, providing services to renew a sense of self-respect, confidence, and pride for their service to our country.”

Dan Patt, CEO, emphasized the importance of a culture of community service and volunteerism at Vecna Robotics, “We are very proud to have a culture that supports our employees in community service and volunteerism. This value is built into the foundation of our company; we believe that it is important to remember the place of technology in empowering people, and our team grounds itself to this by fostering communities for a better future.

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