A case for Robots as a Service

Why OpEx vs. CapEx for Robotics

Material handling equipment purchases like AGVs typically fallen under difficult-to-approve capital expenditure budgets. Vecna’s Robots as a Service model helps you move from away crunched, stressed CapEx budgets to flexible, scalable OpEx bliss.

why go Opex?

Cut costs and deploy with speed

Vecna’s OpEx approach takes the pain out of deployment. Vecna takes care of it all including and maintaining your fleet for a predictable annual fee, plus we assume the depreciation of the robots over time. You realize immediate cost savings and gain the ability to adjust workflows, routes, and fleet sizing on the fly.

isometric illustration of 12 robots

Cut upfront expense

A low annual subscription covers all hardware, software, services and maintenance.

Implement faster

With no CapEx funding delays, go from no bot to robot implementation within weeks from purchase order.

Deploy capital better

A low annual subscription frees up capital for additional projects within your facility.

Keep updated

Software updates pushed automatically via a secure cloud-based network infrastructure keeps your system at its best.


Automate faster

Don’t use yesterday’s approach to finance the technology of tomorrow. Think more nimbly about funding your automation project via an OpEx purchase, like Vecna’s Robots as a Service, where you get all of the equipment that you need for a low up-front annual cost. This gives you more financial leverage to deploy automation across more workflows or frees up your budget for more revenue-generating projects.

illustration of robots loading and unloading pallets

Patience is a virtue

Instead of absorbing the cost of automation up-front, a multi-year subscription creates more budgeting predictability over the term of the contract. Also, it more closely aligns the cost of automation to the immediate value it delivers in your facility – relieving any pressure to rush your your implementation before your team is ready.

isometric illustration of autonomous robots

Your success is our mission

The best aspect of an as-a-service subscription is that once signed, Vecna Robotics is instantly mission-aligned with the goals of your operation. We know that as soon as the solution is deployed, we have to earn your trust every day by ensuring that our system exceeds your performance expectations, the first time and every time.

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Go further, faster with more flexibility

Is your automation solution helping you build operational resilience? See how shifting from CapEx to OpEx can help you stay ahead in today’s unpredictable and fast moving landscape.

Robots as a service
Capex Purchase

Speed to deployment

Flexibility to change

Efficient use of capital

Guaranteed SLA

Seamless scalability and upgrades

Depreciation tax benefit

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