Robots to the Rescue: How Material Handling Battles Persistent Labor Shortages

Increased wages and shortage of skilled labor have crippled supply chains over the past few years. A swirling mass of trends have converged producing an unprecedented crisis for companies looking to stay competitive and profitable.

The Problem:

  • E-commerce accounts for 20%+ of retail sales, and growing
  • 4.5 M people quit their jobs in the U.S. in 2021
  • By 2034 in the U.S. seniors will outnumber children under 18

Flexible robotics and automation solutions can achieve both operational efficiency and address critical labor issues for warehouses and manufacturing environments.

In every period where robot sales went up, unemployment went down in the U.S. So it doesn’t look like a job killer. It doesn’t act like a job killer. Because it is not a job killer.

Association for Advancing Automation
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