Robots to the Rescue: How Material Handling Battles Persistent Labor Shortages

In a tight labor market, companies are under pressure to figure out how to do more with less—less headcount, less overhead, and in less time. Our white paper, “Robots to the Rescue: How Material Handling Automation Battles Persistent Labor Shortages,” shares solutions to these challenges and more. Download now to learn how bringing automation to your facility can help solve for:

  • Understaffed and underperforming operations
  • Employee turnover and increased training time
  • The need to lower operating costs
  • Flexibility and scalability within the warehouse
  • Efficiency and warehouse optimization

In every period where robot sales went up, unemployment went down in the U.S. So it doesn’t look like a job killer. It doesn’t act like a job killer. Because it is not a job killer.

Association for Advancing Automation
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