Supply Chain Transformers: Why Flexible Automation Should Be the Backbone of an Operations Transformation Strategy

Supply chain shocks, massive labor shortages and changing customer preferences are the perfect storm squeezing manufacturing and distribution operational capacity. Where do you begin to address decades of underinvestment in technology and innovation?

The problem:

  • 6/10 of warehouses and factories have not deployed automation, yet
  • 30% forecasted productivity increase via automation by 2030
  • 5M new warehousing jobs in the next 5 years
  • 7-year increase in average age in the U.S. by 2060
  • 71% plan to accelerate modernization project to less than 1 year

Labor shortages and wages are worsening, supply disruptions are the new normal, and technology has been under-invested in your operations for years. The time is now for flexible automation to be at the top of your list when prioritizing supply chain transformation projects.

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