When times are tough, the tough get automation

It’s been a rough few years for the material handling industry.

Demands are high, resources are scarce, and the market is volatile. Warehouse and manufacturing operations that still rely on labor-intensive last-century technology are feeling the pressure of…

Labor shortages

Wages have hit a fever pitch, resignations are on the rise, and the skilled labor pool is shrinking. As cheap labor dries up material handlers are feeling the pinch.

Supply chain disruptions

From global conflicts to stuck cargo ships, the supply chain continues to be bludgeoned with no end in sight.


The “amazon effect” is here to stay. As consumer expectations keep accelerating, warehouses are struggling to keep up.


Just-in-time manufacturing processes are just not working. Far and cheap is becoming slow and expensive. It’s time to bring business back home.

Operations transformation

Decades of underinvestment in technology and innovation have warehouses and manufacturers playing a painful catchup game.

The solution? Automation.

Solve labor shortages

Robots to the rescue

Automation solutions solve critical labor issues and deliver operational efficiency for warehouses and manufacturers. Read our “Robots to the Rescue” white paper to learn how automation helps companies rise above the unprecedented labor crisis.


people quit their jobs in the great resignation in 2021


job openings in warehousing and transportation

Battle persistent labor shortage text on photo of a robot moving a pallet of boxes

Reduce reliance on labor

Learn how automation utilizes your labor better by focusing laborers on high value tasks.

Do more with less

Read how increases in robot density correlate with increased productivity.


Discover how software-driven automation adapts quicker to changing conditions.


See how flexible automation makes it easier to deploy, relocate, update and expand.

Solve supply chain disruptions

Meet the next shock with resilience

Automation can help you adapt faster and gain the visibility, control and flexibility you need to combat disruptions and keep goods flowing. Read our “Shock and Yaw” whitepaper to learn how automation can build supply chain resiliancy.


increase in U.S. container freight rates since 2019


year low in U.S. inventory levels

Drive supply chain resiliency text on a half black background and half a warehouse photo
Solve operations transformation

Supply chain transformers

Material handling automation helps companies modernize and mitigate the damage caused by global instability. Read our “Supply Chain Transformers” Whitepaper to learn more about how an investment in automation future proofs your operations.


forecasted productivity increase via automation by 2030


plan to accelerate modernization projects to < 1 year

Flexible automation should be the backbone text on a half dark background and an image of a woman next to cardboard boxes

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