Performance Guarantee

Your robot performance should be a sure thing

Speed, uptime, throughput, tasks completed – whatever your performance goals are with automation, Vecna Robotics stands behind our system with a guarantee. Need robotics fast? Sure thing.


Automation tire-kicking ends here

New to warehouse automation and uncertain of what performance gains to expect? Vecna Robotics wants to make it easy for you to fund and deploy automation now, by ensuring that any obstacles to automation adoption are removed:

Guaranteed performance

You know that warehouse automation is inevitable but you may not have confidence on its impact and ROI. Vecna Robotics removes those concerns with a performance guarantee that ensures you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Lower operating costs

Massive startup infrastructure costs and slow implementation can sink your return on automation. Vecna’s infrastructure-free install and Robots as a Service model eliminate the need for capital expenditure and decreases overall cost by 33% vs. manual MHE.​

Worry-free remote monitoring and support

Keep your fleet moving with real-time monitoring, remote issue resolution and enterprise-grade support with our 24/7/365 Pivotal™ Command Center.

Industry-leading safety

Our multi-level safety system allows our robots to navigate smoothly around both static and dynamic obstacles delivering maximum throughput without sacrificing the safety of your people and equipment.​

A photo of a man holding a tablet and a photo of an autonomous mobile robot moving a pallet of boxes

No-risk performance you can count on


Vecna will stand behind whatever pred-defined performance metrics that you need from automation: uptime, throughput, workflow tasks completed, miles traveled, whatever as long as we can measure it.

Financial incentives

Contracted financial incentives tied to clear performance targets ensure the system delivers on your desired ROI goals.

100% satisfied

Customers can update their RaaS contract if not satisfied with system performance.

Let’s go

Optimize your critical workflows right now

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Robots as a Service, at your service

Get the tech you need, when you need it without a huge, upfront capital expense and ongoing maintenance costs. With Vecna Robots as a Service (RaaS), increase your fleet fast when demand surges, and upgrade your fleet easily as your business grows and evolves.

Get the most out of your system from day one, and accelerate your ROI. Skip lengthy deployments, frustrating delays and painful adoption cycles.


cost reduction vs. manual ops

isometric illustration of autonomous robots

Maximize uptime

Stay up and running in situations where traditional AGVs grind to a halt. Our 24/7/365 command center combines human intelligence with powerful technology to bring you greater flexibility and performance in complex circumstances.



< 1%

local assist rate

Monitor your fleet

Stay in the know, keep on the go. We help to maximize your system’s performance with real-time monitoring. Day-to-day visibility into your fleet helps us solve immediate problems quickly keeping your goods moving.

Resolve in real-time

We solve common problems, like false sensor readings, and lost localization, before they affect productivity. Our remote resolution allows us to fix issues without deploying an operator on the floor.

Teleoperate edge cases

Keep rolling even when encountering edge cases, such as obstacles preventing automatic recoveries or pallets staged outside of spec. Our always-on teleoperators help you perform where machines fail.

Fix it faster

Limitless support yields limitless productivity. The Pivotal™ Command Center ensures you get the help you need without a wait time, with a local assist rate of < 1% of operating time.

multi-level safety architecture

#1 in safety without sacrificing throughput

We are invested in your safety. Our robots are architected with an aerospace-grade multi-level safety system allows them to navigate smoothly around both static and dynamic obstacles. Each modern AGV (now called AMR) runs at speeds tuned to their environment as well as their load capacity to deliver maximum throughput without sacrificing the safety of other people or machines.


safety layers exceed industry standards


safety coverage dynamically adjusts safety zones

illustration of a robot moving around a safety cone

High-level safety

Intelligently predicts future states of motion, adjusts the AMR’s path and speed, reroutes around obstacles and navigates through congested and/or tight spaces.

Low-level safety

Combines real-time self-diagnostics with embedded Bare Metal hardware and software checks to create a virtual buffer around the robot and prevent unsafe behaviors.

3rd-party safety system

Uses an advanced version of a fully-isolated ISO-13849-1 CAT3 PL=D safety system with that dynamically adjusts safety zones in real-time.

RIA and ANSI logos on a green background

We exceed industry safety standards

Our three-tiered safety architecture exceeds ANSI B56.5, RIA 15.08, safety standards, and allows for both adaptive safety fields and intelligent, safe path planning.

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