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Escape rigid, last-generation automation, sluggish retooling and unsustainable labor costs. Our unique approach to material handling delivers intelligent, flexible automation engineered to get your goods through the line and out the door fast.

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Respond and adapt with ease

The pressure is on to be nimble and adapt rapidly to e-commerce and mass customization demands. Stay competitive with flexible material handling automation that helps you scale and adapt quickly.

Accelerate your time to value

The market demands speed. Reality demands 3+ years for new plants to come online. Shift your ROI into high gear. Vecna’s infrastructure-free install and Robots as a Service model eliminate the need for capital expenditure and decreases overall cost by 33% vs. manual MHE.

Get flexible, scalable automation

More low-volume/high-mix manufacturing, more retooling. Get it done faster and stay nimble with Vecna. Our autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) – next-generation automated guided vehicles (AGVs) – utilize infrastructure-free navigation and reconfigurable automation that adapts to operational conditions, materials, assemblies and plant layouts.

Drive continuous improvement

Future-proof your productivity with data analytics that provide unprecedented visibility into how your facility operates now and into the future.

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New facilities require new thinking

Your supply routes are disrupted, but the market requires more speed and responsiveness. Reshoring to North America is now a reality, but don’t be derailed by spiking labor costs and local supply chain chaos. Vecna’s material handling automation system helps your low-volume/high-mix production keep up with demand while optimizing your OEE.

Lower operating costs and increase throughput

The skilled labor pool keeps shrinking. Labor costs continue to rise. Vecna’s dynamic intelligent routing covers the labor gap to deliver more dependable takt times and just-in-time delivery, as well as lower operating costs and higher productivity.

Achieve 99% uptime

Blips happen. Keep moving despite them. Our 24/7/365 remote monitoring uses human-in-the-loop automation to keep robots operating in complex situations. With an on-site manual assist rate less than 1% of operating time, you can stay up and running all the time, every time.

Lean into safety

With a safety rating that outperforms the industry standard, Vecna’s automation can help you achieve your lean initiatives for improved safety and fork-free floors while reducing waste.

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Manufacturing workflow solutions

Keep your plant running smoothly with intelligent automation designed to serve your most critical workflows. Our solution has been tested and tuned for lineside delivery, WIP, finished goods/end-of-line, and material replenishment.

All manufacturing workflows

Milk Runs/Kanban Replenishment

Keep your line supplied while reducing manual work by more than 50%.


Move your products from station to station seamlessly and safely.

End of Line

Run your “last mile” in record time. Move from assembly line to shipping autonomously.

In Between

Free your workers from repetitive tasks and increase their productivity by more than 40% by automating small-movements.

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • OEM equipment
  • Appliances
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Discrete manufacturing
The Vecna System

Speedy robots, rapid ROI

Power-up your operation with the automation that delivers value from day one and scalability over the long term.


per robot, or less!


year to positive ROI


remote monitoring of your robot fleet


guaranteed customer-defined performance

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Return on Robotics (ROR) Calculator

What can Vecna do for your plant? Find out how much Vecna can lower your costs and increase your throughput in just a few seconds.

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