At 80 cents per pallet, we make warehousing go

Rise above staffing crises, crippling backlogs, and crunchy turnaround times. Our intelligent automation delivers huge cost savings versus manual operations.

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Do more with less

Understaffing, expensive labor and high-mix orders – oh my. It’s a complicated time for warehouses, but getting out the goods doesn’t have to be painful. Vecna reduces your reliance on labor and helps you transform pressure into performance.

Lower operating costs and increase throughput

The labor gap is growing and costs are spiking. Vecna choreographs work between robots and your operators. The result: higher productivity, deeper employee engagement and lower operating costs.

Deploy with speed

Realize the benefits of automation right away with rapid install and minimal infrastructure impact.

Optimize system wide performance

Supply chain disruption is the new normal. Our flexible automation helps you respond to disruptions by adapting to workflows, order profiles and operational conditions.

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Respond and adapt with ease

Turnaround times continue to shrink while e-commerce demand and customer expectations rocket forward. Stay competitive in this new reality with flexible automation that helps you scale and adapt quickly.

Get flexible, scalable automation

Demand changes quickly. Vecna’s autonomous navigation and path planning isn’t limited by fixed routes, which helps you respond to changing circumstances without having to redesign your facility. Match demand with material handling automation that seamlessly scales as your needs grow and shift.

Accelerate your return on robotics

Massive startup infrastructure costs and slow implementation can sink your return on automation. Vecna’s infrastructure-free install and Robots as a Service model eliminate the need for capital expenditure and decreases overall cost by 33% vs. manual MHE.

Drive continuous improvement

Future-proof your productivity with data analytics that provide unprecedented visibility into your operations.

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Warehouse workflow solutions

Move goods faster with intelligent automation designed to serve your most critical workflows. Our solution has been tested and tuned for pallet picking and putaway, packaging and value-added services, and processing of oversized SKUs.

Warehousing workflows

Picking and putaway

Move products between docks and storage faster and with up to 33% less manual work.

Packaging and replenishment

Run your “last mile” in record time. Pick, wrap and ship autonomously.

Crossdocking and sortation

Seamlessly move and sort products from dock to dock and automate handling of bulky, oversized SKUs.

In between

Free your workers from repetitive tasks and increase their productivity by more than 40% by automating small-movements.

Industries served

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Grocery
  • Consumer goods
  • E-commerce
  • Third-party logistics
The Vecna System

Speedy robots, rapid ROI

Power-up your operation with the automation that delivers value from day one and scalability over the long term.


per robot, or less!


year to positive ROI


remote monitoring of your robot fleet


guaranteed customer-defined performance

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Return on Robotics (ROR) Calculator

What can Vecna do for your plant? Find out how much Vecna can lower your costs and increase your throughput in just a few seconds.

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