Pivotal™ Autonomous navigation

Feel the need for speed

Pivotal™ Autonomy drives the fastest, smartest, highest performing and most robust autonomous material handling equipment on the market.

Superior Sensor Technology

Navigate challenges with AMRs equipped with real vision

Vecna’s AMRs combine multiple vision and lidar sensors for full 3D sensor fusion perception.. This eye-like perception allows our robots to navigate in high-traffic and unpredictable environments with total confidence.

Illustration to show autonomous navigation
  • Adapt quickly with dynamic path planning

    Vecna robots assess multiple route options and plot the most efficient route in real-time while still adhering to the “rules of the road”, updating plans and routes as needed.

  • Get more go with intelligent obstacle avoidance

    Free Space Reasoning™ allows AMRs to adjust their route and navigate around obstacles, without requiring assistance from workers to keep moving.

  • Maximize efficiency with smart pallet detection

    Powerful detection scans the pickup area to identify the correct pallet, like a human would scan store shelves to find the right product, and adjusts accordingly if anything is misaligned or out of place.

  • Stay flexible with infrastructure free navigation

    Vecna AMRs are not limited to fixed routes and do not require any special infrastructure or markings to navigate, even in bulk stacked and other highly-dynamic environments.


Speed, safety and performance

Power-up your operation with the fastest, smartest, highest performing and most robust autonomous material handling solution on the market.


throughput improvement vs. manual operations


more pallets moved per $ vs. manual MHE


uptime with Pivotal™ autonomy and remote monitoring


safety incidents with 3-tier safety architecture

How our navigation works

Move thousands of pallets the easy way

Vecna Robotics’ navigation starts with a virtual map of your entire facility and then the autonomy kicks in.

Step 1: Map

Vecna creates a virtual map of your entire facility’s operating area.

Step 2: Program

Your map is programed with pickup/drop-off locations and rules of the road.

Step 3: Synchronize

Our system connects all routes and synchronizes with all vehicles in your fleet.

Step 4: Route

Each Vecna AMR plots the best available route to complete their missions.

Step 5: Adapt

Vecna’s AMRs safely deviate from prescribed route to avoid obstacles.

Step 6: Go

If congestion is too high on the prescribed route, Vecna’s AMRs will pursue alternative available paths to keep moving.

Your Robot Journey

From no bot to robot

Get up and running in five easy steps. Start with one workflow in weeks (not months) and then scale to other workflows or even other facilities as your automation needs expand.


Identify and prioritize your pain points, choose workflows to focus on and measure baseline operations.


Determine ROI at scale, align and define success criteria across stakeholders and complete solution design.


Rapidly install and run a limited-scale demo that meets KPIs and familiarizes users.


Your solution is fully integrated, all stakeholders and executives buy-in and ongoing support begins.


Within a year, you’re on your way to a fully implemented solution that scales to other areas of your facility, or into new facilities.

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