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AMR: the New AGV

AGVs are so last decade

For years, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and vision guided vehicles (VGVs) have been a mainstay in reducing non-value-added travel. In the face of major industry headwinds, today’s market demands greater flexibility, scalability and performance.

Welcome to the age of the modern autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

illustration of robots loading and unloading pallets

Superior navigation


Navigation Method

Actively locates & maps position by comparing sensor data to facility understanding

Primarily uses markers installed throughout a facility to navigate point-to-point routes

Path Adaptation

Path Planners: Assesses multiple routes and priorities, adapting in real-time to changes

Path Followers: Follows only predetermined, point-to-point routes

Fleet Management

Intelligently optimizes throughput based on performance data & current priorities

Schedules jobs and controls traffic based on predetermined work and routes

Route flexibility

Determines most efficient route in real time and can avoid obstacles on the fly

Cannot deviate from predetermined route

Dynamic recovery


Pallet Picking

Dynamically adjusts to fork pockets when picking pallets. Pallets do not need to be precisely placed

Requires payloads to be precisely aligned and positioned. Often needs human intervention

Path Adaptation

Detects obstacles and executes alternate routes around them

Executes basic collision avoidance

Navigation Recovery

Verifies its location and searches for an alternate route

Comes to a stop when localization is lost and requires a manual reset

Real autonomy

The gains created by path planning, obstacle avoidance, and pallet detection give AMRs the upper hand when it comes to efficiency and flexibility.

Illustration to show autonomous navigation

Continuous learning, always improving

Vecna Robotics’ AMRs adapt and learn from their environments. They share knowledge with the whole fleet, making expansion quick and easy.

Robots as a Service

Modern pricing, as a service

Get the material handling tech you need when you need it, all for a single, low annual fee. With Vecna Robots as a Service (RaaS) you can easily increase your material handling fleet as demand surges, or alter your system as your needs change.

Don’t let lengthy capital budgeting cycles slow you down. Rapidly deploy our system for your most critical workflows and turbo-charge your throughput in no time.

isometric illustration of autonomous robots

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