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Vecna APT Autonomous Pallet Truck

In it for the long haul

From retail distribution centers to grocery case pick facilities, the Vecna APT autonomous pallet truck is the long haul superstar you’ve been looking for.

3d rendering of a AFL autonomous forklift
About Vecna APT

This robot does the dirty work while your operators do the human work

With Vecna APT driverless pallet truck, cut out non-value add long-distance travel and improve efficiency for lift operators – all without compromising capacity.

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Pulls a ton, or three

7936 lbs max payload

Blazing fast

6.7 mph top speed

Clean hand off

18’6 ft right angle stack

Squeezes through

8’6 ft aisle width

Features and Functionality

Power up your warehousing and distribution facilities

Advanced Pallet Handling

Handles stringer, block, plastic pallets, with or without bottom boards

Flexible Configurations

Takes on staging lanes, drop zones, individual spots, FIFO, and more

Dynamic Route Planning

Utilizes dynamic traffic management for load balancing

Multi-Pallet Hauling

Takes on double-stacked pallets up to 8,000 lbs

LPN Scanning

Scans pallet barcodes and sends updates to your WMS

Opportunistic Charging

Runs 24/7 using opportunistic charging

ANSI B56.5 Compliant

Keeps your employees, equipment and goods safe.

Task Interleaving

Replans missions in real-time to optimize forks-full efficiency

Optimize your warehouse workflows

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