Reshore your way back with automation

Global crises have exposed the flaws inherent in the idea of offshoring and just-in-time manufacturing processes. Manufacturers and suppliers are looking to automation to help relocate their production facilities closer to their customers.

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Reshore with robotics

You are not going to compete with offshore means of production by manually building product faster or cheaper. The only way to match changing demand and persistent operations disruptions is by shortening supply chains and by bringing highly innovative, efficient means of production closer to your customers. This is where automation comes in.

Reduce Reliance on Labor

Focus existing labor on higher value tasks

Retains Labor

Automation helps keep employees engaged and makes their jobs more valuable.


Modern automation is software-driven, so can adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Scale Faster

Flexible automation is easier to deploy, relocate, upgrade and expand

Improves Visbility

Monitor your automated workflows anytime, anywhere.

Provides competitive advantage

By being more responsive, adaptable and resilient

The Problem

Far and cheap is becoming slow and expensive


companies cite logistics costs as reason for reshoring


more jobs projected to return to the U.S. this year


of executives have production reshoring under way


are looking to automation to bolster reshoring initiatives

White Paper

Build back better with bots

Companies seeking to return production and distribution closer to their customers need more flexible automation systems to quickly adapt to changing demand.

< 10%

of U.S. manufacturers have any industrial robots


open manufacturing positions in the U.S. today

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Other catalysts for automation

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