5 Key takeaways from ProMat and Automate 2019

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ProMat 2019 has come to an end.  We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the Vecna Robotics’ booth. It was a busy four days, to say the least. We learned a lot, met a lot of terrific people, and ate a lot of great Chicago fare.

We witnessed robots working in incredible ways. There were robots that could predict your age, play music, and serve you a cold beer. We witnessed the latest and greatest in AI, MIR, AMR, and AGV technology, and heard from expert visionaries including Daniel Theobald, Scott Sopher, George W. Prest, and Reshma Saujani, among many others.

We want to send a special shout out to our friends at RightHand Robotics for winning the MHI Award for Best Innovation of an Existing Product and our new partner Humatics for a great first showing at Automate.

As we look back on our four days in the Windy City we thought we would highlight our five biggest takeaways:


1. Automation is breathing new life into industrial industries.

Everyone wants to play with robots, and workers are moving towards industrial industries so they have an opportunity to work with the latest technology.  John Hayes shared this tip and many others in his sold-out AGV application session. For anyone who couldn’t get a seat, contact us and we’ll send you a copy of the presentation.

2. Collaboration reaps innovation.

Some of the brightest companies in the business are partnering up to go above and beyond for their clients. We’ve experienced this in our own work; our recent partnership with Humatics allows our autonomous solutions to work in even more environments.

3. Don’t get blinded by the hype of automation and forget about best practices.

Before automation, you need to understand your operation, vendors, and employee needs. Daniel Theobald shared all the best practices during his presentation at RoboBusinness’s CRO summit. Stay tuned for an eBook on the talk soon.

4. The robot isn’t what’s important.

What is important is finding the right technology for the workflow. There were a lot of great robotic solutions highlighted at ProMat, but they mean nothing unless they are backed by adaptable and flexible technology that can evolve with your operational processes and the market trends.

5. The future belongs to those who effectively orchestrate humans, robots, legacy equipment, and AI.

The key to success is not replacing humans. They key to success is to understand how to harness all of the resources in your organization to work more productively and effectively.


Thank you to MHI and the entire ProMat team for wrangling all 50,000 of us together and providing us a place to gather, talk, and share our ideas. This is how we keep innovation flowing.

See you all at Modex 2020!


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