Growth and Culture of Vecna Robotics

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Mike Baier with Vecna Robotics’ Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck

Mike Baier, Vecna Robotics’ VP of  Advanced Development, spoke with Keith Cline, Founder of VentureFizz in a video interview. Their conversation covered details, growth, and culture at Vecna Robotics. The interview explored Mike’s career journey at Vecna Robotics, how he has found success and why he loves the company.

Vecna Robotics; Who They Are and What They Do

Vecna Robotics delivers Automated Material Handling solutions featuring self-driving vehicles operated by a continuous learning platform called Pivotal™. Baier simplifies the use cases by explaining that Vecna Robotics has a diverse product line of autonomous equipment and each robotic solution is fine-tuned to solve a warehousing task. Though Baier is able to put the functions of Vecna Robotics simply, Cline points out that these solutions are extremely complex to develop and implement. Baier explains that Vecna Robotics invested time into developing smart, safe solutions in a way that supports the company goal of having many autonomous platforms.

Personal Journey to VP of  Advanced Development

Mike Baier began work at Vecna Robotics in 2012. Cline asked him why he chose a career at Vecna Robotics and what motivates him to stay with the company. Baier shares that in 2012 he left a startup company and began applying for new roles. Though he received multiple offers from other companies, the culture and work at Vecna Robotics won him over. Baier refers to his coworkers as “the most passionate, intelligent people” he knows. The employees at Vecna Robotics are hardworking and solving complex problems daily.

What Happens in Waltham?

The headquarters located in Waltham, MA was custom designed for the company to accommodate and adapt to the needs of the company. Vecna Robotics’ state-of-the-art headquarters consolidate all engineering, testing, manufacturing and business functions under one roof

Growth, and Culture of Vecna Robotics

Team meeting, 01/9/2020

Currently, Vecna Robotics employs over 100 people. The success of the company calls for a need to continue growing the team. Vecna Robotics is actively hiring in nearly all business functions. Mike shares that one of his favorite parts of working at Vecna Robotics is that every day is different and exciting. The robotics industry is constantly progressing and expanding. Vecna Robotics is a leader of innovation in also rapidly growing.

All team members within the organization collaborate as a close-knit community. The sense of community at Vecna Robotics extends beyond the members of the team. Daniel Theobald, Founder and CEO, shares his vision to “make the world a better place” company-wide. The leadership team creates every policy with Daniel’s philosophy in mind. Vecna Robotics is a happy community thanks to many positive shared values.

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