Humans of Robotics: Zoe Snape

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What was the journey that led you to Vecna Robotics?

Vecna Robotics was actually my first job out of college. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015, I was offered a role at the company as a Software Developer. I’ve been with the company for about five years now, but I currently work remotely from Seattle, Washington.

What is your current role at the company?

I have been a Senior Software Engineer at Vecna Robotics since 2018 and I wear quite a few different hats in my current role. Aside from the typical responsibilities of a software engineer like designing new features, writing code, debugging any technical problems, etc., I am also a tech lead, a planning lead for one of our functional teams, a supervisor of two other engineers, and I’m currently the integrations tech lead for a client project. Among other things I answer questions about our codebase, help set high-level goals for our team, give my supervisees mentorship on how to grow as engineers, and I’m currently working with a client to implement an integration between their WMS system and

What’s your favorite part about working for Vecna Robotics?

My favorite part about working for Vecna Robotics is the amazing people I work with. Even though I have been working remotely for a couple years now, I still feel very connected to the company and it’s one of the main reasons I’ve continued working for Vecna Robotics even after my move to Washington.

Overall, everyone at the company is very open and willing to discuss problems and every employee is empowered to voice their opinions and ideas. There’s also plenty of opportunities to try new things and learn new skills every day. I’m still very connected to my team; not only do I speak with them every day, but I also fly to Boston and see everyone several times a year!

What advice do you have for others pursuing your line of work?

While technical skills are obviously important in my role, I’ve learned that clear communication skills are paramount. Soft skills are really underestimated in the tech field and young professionals should know that having a good, positive attitude and going out of your way to network with others will take you much farther than technical skills alone will. After all, writing the best piece of code in the world is not going to matter unless people use it. At the bottom line, people want to work with people that they like!

What are some of your highlights from working at Vecna Robotics?

Starting at Vecna Robotics a few years ago, it’s been really amazing to watch the company go through such a powerful transition in a short period of time. Not only has Vecna Robotics grown exponentially, but the company has built a strong foundation around its unique vision for human-robot collaboration. It’s been incredible to see the company right at the intersection of a major cultural and technological shift and emerging as an industry leader and innovator.

What are some of your personal interests?

I enjoy cooking and spending time with friends and family. When I used to live in Boston, one of my favorite hobbies was glassblowing. I’m hoping to find a place to continue doing this in Seattle as well!