Manufacturing Month at Vecna Robotics

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Bryan Siegal V

Bryan Siegal, VP of Manufacturing at Vecna Robotics

Manufacturing Month – October 2020 – Throughout the month of October, we created a series of videos with our VP of Manufacturing, Bryan Siegal, to celebrate Manufacturing Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about manufacturing careers and encouraging young professionals to explore these careers in engineering and STEM.

Manufacturing is an essential part of what we do every day. Throughout this video series, Siegal explains his role and experiences in the industry. These videos cover topics such as building successful partnerships and skills needed on the job to provide some insight for all those interested in a manufacturing career.

As technology advances, so does the need for innovative processes. Now is the perfect time for young professionals to explore careers in manufacturing. In an interview with Industry Week, our CEO Daniel Theobald explains,

“Manufacturing is on a technology adoption cycle right now. It has been enabled by what has been happening the past 20 years as computers have evolved, mobile devices have thrived, and AI has given us ways to interpret data. We are going to see rapid changes over the next few years and that will provide an incredibly fruitful career path for young people. We are now going to ask our employees to be problem-solvers. And that’s the best use of the talent this younger generation has.”

While Manufacturing Month is over, the importance of jobs and careers in manufacturing lasts all year long. We are so exited to honor and celebrate all those in the manufacturing industry who are moving our world forward.

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