MassRobotics Publishes AMR Interoperability Standard

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MassRobotics announces the release of the first ever Interoperability Standard for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). MassRobotics is an independent non-profit center that educates, inspires and brings robotics projects to life.

amr interoperability standard

This standard enables AMRs from different vendors to integrate seamlessly and support operational efficiency in industrial settings. Using this standard, robots of different types can share status information and operational conventions, or “rules of the road,” to work cohesively. The standard also enables the creation of operational dashboards so managers can access data on fleet productivity and resource utilization.

Until now, robots of different origins had no way to coordinate activities or share information. MassRobotics is the first organization to address the interoperability challenges that affect the adoption of AMRs into the market. Vecna Robotics collaborated with a group of AMR vendors to establish the first release of the Interoperability Standards.

Daniel Theobald, President of MassRobotics and Founder and CIO of Vecna Robotics, has been an outspoken advocate for AMR interoperability. Vecna Robotics has been dedicated to producing AMRs with interoperability capabilities, such as the autonomous warehouse tugger, counterbalanced fork truck and pallet truck.

The announcement has generated a lot of buzz in both the supply chain industry and the robotics field. Details on the standard and the impact it will have on automation in industrial settings have been covered by multiple news outlets.

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