The Benefits of a Forklift Robot: The Robot Industry Podcast with Jeff Huerta

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Jeff Huerta, Vice President of Sales at Vecna Robotics, discusses the labor shortage affecting the material handling industry and how automation solves for this on The Robot Industry Podcast. A forklift robot can help mitigate the challenges of attracting and retaining forklift drivers by automating dangerous or repetitive jobs and shifting workers towards higher-level roles. Huerta delves into some of the proven benefits of these vehicles, explaining how they are able to generate actionable, data-based insights and massive efficiency gains.

Listen to Jeff Huerta discuss these benefits on The Robot Industry Podcast.

By making the switch to a forklift robot, you’re not only solving for the current labor shortage, you’re introducing an efficient worker that can meet and exceed your organization’s target metrics. Vecna Robotics understands that facilities need a strong workforce to meet shifting consumer demands, and offers automated material handling and hybrid fulfillment with self-driving vehicles to support this. Using high-technology sensors and recognition, the forklift robot can detect, report, and even solve for obstacles and workflow issues.

Vecna Robotics’ award winning orchestration engine, Pivotal, allows businesses to flexibly yield adaptive solutions that meet an unpredictable market’s needs. This method of multi-agent orchestration optimizes movements of diverse robots and humans seamlessly and schedules prioritized, efficient workflows.  These solutions amplify the benefits of automation, unlocking new levels of productivity for customers in the distribution, e-commerce, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors.


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Vecna Robotics is a Boston-based company that helps retail and distribution operations automate their facilities with robust, flexible and scalable logistics solutions – offering a robot forklift, tugger and pallet truck that have dynamic applications in many settings. Vecna’s technology goes beyond traditional automation by maximizing both human and robot productivity to create fulfilling jobs, provide businesses with a competitive advantage, and encourage innovation.

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