The Unique Value Proposition of 24/7 IIoT Monitoring

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The Unique Value Proposition of 24/7 IIoT Monitoring

MODEX 2018 Series: Intersection of AGVs and 24/7 IIoT Monitoring – Part 4


by John Hayes, VP Marketing and Sales


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers significant potential value for manufacturers and other industrial organizations. The key is to create a long-term vision with an associated value proposition, identify the right applications to target initially and employ the appropriate operational and information technologies, much of which is likely either already in place or readily available.

The Industrial Internet of Things encompasses intelligent assets, data communications infrastructure, analytics and applications to interpret and act on the data and human capital. Industrial manufacturers and distribution centers have pursued horizontal and vertical connectivity within operations for some time to improve performance and achieve operational excellence.

Most existing sensor and actuator points in an industrial automation system are there to support process or production control, safety, and regulatory compliance. ARC and other industry leaders are articulating the value propositions when new levels of performance are enabled with the IIoT.

The Unique Value Proposition of 24/7 IIoT Monitoring

Without IIoT monitoring, plant managers, operations managers, and logistics coordinators throughout manufacturing and distribution sectors lack data that offers real-time continuous vehicle status and health information of the vehicle.

One of the unique differentiators and critical value propositions of 24/7 IIoT monitoring includes a video feed from vehicles allowing for remote access to all vehicles and the ability to immediately address situations caused by large pathway blockages. While other automated/autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) vendors may have the data collected via sensors, it is the disruptive leadership of Vecna Robotics that determined the critical need for 24/7 IIoT Monitoring with all their vehicles.

While there is absolutely an ROI (Return on Investment) calculation in this 24/7 IIoT monitoring service, one qualifiable data point is peace of mind. Knowing that the operation of these vehicles and their interaction with the plant floor is monitored 24/7 by factory engineers, represents a first-of-its-kind industry breakthrough in the utilization of data to produce the safest and most efficient operation and continuous workflow.

The inclusion of 24/7 IIoT monitoring ensures increases in operational efficiency. Eliminating the ripple effect caused by stopped vehicles is a metric of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The widely utilized data point, OEE, evaluates how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized. The results are best used to identify scope for process performance improvement, and how to get the improvement. MODEX offers an opportunity to speak with our team about the value proposition of 24/7 IIoT Monitoring, AGVs and mobile robots with Vecna Robotics.

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About this Series

The robotic element of AGVs has captured massive media attention.  Many companies, from 3PLs to fast-growing e-commerce organizations, are hunting for the best solution. Until this year, the idea of combining IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) data and AGVs was futuristic.  All the data captured by automated guided vehicles has never been available and actionable in predictive analytics, maintenance, safety, and best-practice lean manufacturing value proposition. That has changed, thanks to Vecna Robotics at Booth B4987 at MODEX 2018. Over the next two months before MODEX, the Vecna Robotics blog is going to discuss the critical role of IIoT Monitoring and AGVs. Vecna Robotics is pleased and proud to be the only AGV exhibitor at MODEX displaying exactly how this technology works.

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John Hayes, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Vecna Robotics, is a widely respected thought leader for the manufacturing, distribution, and material handling industries and a Supply & Demand Chain Executive “Pros to Know” recipient. For more than twenty years he has been evaluating, designing, developing, and implementing innovative software and hardware solutions with a particular focus in the AGV (automated guided vehicle) space. Contact John at