Using Autonomous Mobile Robots to Keep Workers Safe and Supply Chains Running

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Vecna Robotics is virtually deploying its Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) at customer facilities to keep workers safe and the supply chain running during these unprecedented times. Adbul Montaqim from Robotics & Automation News interviewed Vecna Robotics’ Chief Revenue Officer David Clear about remote deployment and autonomous solutions.

Clear explains how Vecna Robotics’ multi-agent AI orchestration engine, Pivotal™, helps robots and human workers adapt workflows to shifting demand. Pivotal analyzes an organization’s operations and dynamically adjusts them in real time, coordinating and distributing tasks to both people and robots.

David Clear, Chief Revenue Officer at Vecna Robotics

“The units themselves [Vecna Robotics’ AMRs] have the most robust navigation technology currently available. We can operate seamlessly alongside manual operators and integrate into workflows.” David further discusses how Vecna Robotics has launched its fully remote deployment capabilities during this time to help customers who have constraints on travel or site visits.

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For the full interview and more on autonomous solutions, watch here.