Vecna Robotics featured as a leader in warehouse fulfillment technology

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Vecna Robotics is identified as leader of warehouse fulfillment technology in Styleintelligence’s 2018 Market Report: Goods-to-PersonE-commercee Fulfillment Robotics.

Styleintelligence, which specializes in retail related technology niches, identified the top 24 Goods-to-Person robotics companies globally. The report developed by Thomas Andersson, emphasizes how demand for order customization, shorter lead times, better quality control, reduced labor costs, and higher production output is driving the need for advanced automation.

Covering AMR and PA-AMR trends, Andersson features insights by retailers and 3PLs that are deploying robotic-based solutions to reduce costs, optimize workflows and gain a competitive advantage.



Vecna has AGV capabilities at AGC prices w/ the cutting-edge technology and low infrastructure/implementation costs found in AMR’s

Vecna Robotics is identified as an advanced robotics supplier with a wide range of solutions supporting multiple applications and use cases.



The drivers behind the need for automation aren’t going anywhere, and warehouse fulfillment technology will need to continually adapt and innovate in the years to come. Read more on this topic here.

Download the full complimentary report from Styleintelligence

Report background:
29 telephone interviews with companies around the globe, from China to India, Germany, France, the UK & US. The type of companies interviewed range from retailers and 3PL’s to suppliers and integrators.
27 pages including market sizing & forecast, drivers and positioning
24 Suppliers profiled
18 Robotics companies interviewed