Vecna Robotics Joins MHI Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems Industry Group

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Vecna Robotics Joins MHI Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems Industry Group


Vecna Robotics, a leader in scalable hybrid order-fulfillment solutions, recently joined MHI Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) industry group. AGVS members are the industry’s leading global suppliers of automatic guided vehicle systems in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

Michael Bearman, General Manager, VP, GC of Vecna Robotics, was honored to be voted into the AGV Industry Group during the October MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference in Boca Raton. “Vecna understands that with e-commerce exploding and customer expectations on the rise, distribution and fulfillment centers need an innovative way to reduce costs and increase throughput. Vecna Robotics’ full spectrum solution provides the complete range of low-infrastructure platforms to automate customer material handling needs with a rapid ROI.” Bearman said.

John Hayes, Vecna Robotics VP of Sales and Logistics said Vecna Robotics is the first company in the material handling market to offer advanced AGV solutions with IIoT monitoring. “This proprietary technology sends live data to a highly skilled team of support engineers and corrective actions are executed or recommended before down-time occurs. This translates into bottom-line throughput improvement.”

Vecna Robotics will be exhibiting and showcasing its AGV and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies at MHI’s MODEX 2018, April 9-12, at booth B4987. MODEX is the expo where manufacturing and supply chain professionals go to find solutions to futureproof their business success. MODEX 2018 will give material handling leaders the opportunity to meet innovation leaders like Vecna Robotics.

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