Vecna Robotics Receives SDCE100 Award for Innovation and Industry Leadership

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Mackenna Moralez from the Supply & Demand Chain Executive reports on the 2020 SDCE100 Award that highlights innovative projects that improved operations within supply chains. Vecna Robotics received the SDCE100 Award for the Vecna Robotics’ RL3600 autonomous lift truck solution provided to Milton CAT.

Vecna Robotics Self-Driving pallet jack

The goal of the project was to increase order fulfillment speed, optimize workflows and improve employee safety. The Vecna Robotics’ RL3600 autonomous lift truck provided Milton CAT an improved shuttling system from parts storage to the shipping area of the distribution center. With no infrastructure changes required, warehouse personnel could call the first autonomous lift truck on demand and see if it’s efficiently fulfilling orders.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be the biggest challenge the industry has ever had to overcome, companies that received the SDCE100 Award have continually proven their resiliency by implementing new solutions and best practices in all links of the supply chain.

The 2020 SDCE100 award focuses on the industry’s most successful and transformative projects over the last year. These collaborations have delivered value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions, offering a forward-looking perspective as new opportunities—and new struggles—arise.

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