Vecna Robotics to Share Critical Role of Industrial Internet of Things at MODEX 2018

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Vecna Robotics, a leader in scalable, next generation order-fulfillment solutions, will be presenting an educational seminar at MODEX 2018 on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 from 2:15-3:00 PM at Theater D. The seminar is titled, “AGV Internet and Integration Strategies to Gain Agility and Competitive Advantage.” Attendees will understand best practices for managing a successful human-machine collaborative warehouse and maximizing industrial internet of things technology to support growth initiatives. Additionally, those that attend will learn how to develop a robust and scalable end-to end and doc-to-doc optimization strategy using a full spectrum of mobile automation, advanced monitoring, and integrated central control systems.

Daniel Theobald, Vecna Robotics CEO and John Haynes, Vecna Robotics VP will be presenting the seminar. Vecna is exhibiting and showcasing its AGV and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies at MODEX 2018, April 9-12, at booth B4987.

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John Hayes, Vecna Robotics VP of Sales and Logistics says, “MODEX provides a great opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions that combine IIoT technologies with the everyday needs of the material handling industry. Vecna Robotics real-time IIoT actionable data impacts process improvement for warehouses and manufacturers.”

Vecna Robotics is the first company in the material handling market to offer advanced AGV solutions with IIoT monitoring. This proprietary technology sends live data to a highly skilled team of support engineers and corrective actions are executed or recommended before down-time occurs. This translates into bottom-line throughput improvement.

Vecna Robotics also provides a leasing option including both materials handling equipment and revolutionary disruptive IIoT monitoring. The leasing program ensures a rapid ROI and an affordable way, beyond already competitive pricing, to automate manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution centers.

MODEX is the expo where manufacturing and supply chain professionals go to find solutions to futureproof their business success. From understanding how Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things is impacting supply chains to exploring the latest equipment and technology solutions from over 850 of the world’s leading providers, MODEX 2018 is where material handling leaders meet the industry’s best and brightest, see their equipment and systems in action, and determine which solutions fit future supply chain needs.

Vecna Robotics has quickly become the materials handling leader in the fork truck free environment while utilizing comprehensive IIoT technologies.

With e-commerce exploding and customer expectations on the rise, distribution and fulfillment centers as well as third party logistics (3PLs) providers and manufacturers require Vecna Robotics innovation. Case picking, goods-to-person, person-to-goods, robot-conveyor hybrid systems, Vecna Robotics has cost-effective solutions. All systems are safety certified to operate along-side people and can accommodate the operational model that achieves the best efficiency with unmatched flexibility. Vecna Robotics is a member of RIA (Robotic Industries Association). Follow on Twitter @VecnaLogistics.