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Are you a serial late adopter? Still wait for your Netflix DVDs in the mail? Still wait in line at the car rental counter or wait for a cab at the street corner? Or still daydream about your Palm Pilot and Blackberry? Well, being cautious about deploying new technology is always prudent, but hanging on to past could be putting your business at risk.

According to Gartner, 36% of the warehousing and distribution market has already deployed material handling automation and another 38% have their first deployment under way. The majority of your peers have realized that, while this technology does not accomplish every manual task perfectly, there is immediately value in starting with small deployments at targeted workflows where automation has proven success. Also, those who have hit a level of maturity have come to realize that warehouse automation is a process that requires developing in-house expertise and establishing partnerships with vendors that has a modern system that scales.

Join Vecna Robotics’ CMO Josh Kivenko and Director of Strategy and Product Management Matt Cherewka as they discuss the state of the AMR market today and a “deploy now, scale later” approach will provide you with long term value and a competitive advantage.

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