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Webinar: “How to Solve Your Labor Shortage Problems Right Now with Autonomous Forklifts”

Learn how including intelligent, autonomous forklifts into your workforce can help relieve disruption caused by a labor shortage. Discover how intelligent equipment can extend your staff, make your current workforce more productive, and create flexible workflows that adapt with intensifying demand.

Facing rapidly increasing wage requirements, scarce skilled labor and supply shortages, companies are under intense pressure to find solutions, quickly. Manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities are seeing that the need to augment their workforce with intelligent automation is no longer optional, it’s needed for growth and longevity.

Listen as SupplyChainBrain shares a roundtable discussion with Vecna Robotics’ industry leading team. Join Matt Cherewka (Director of Strategy), Jeff Huerta (SVP of Solutions) and Denis Lussault (Chief Enterprise Engineer) as they discuss the future of automated pallet handling. Learn how autonomous forklifts have evolved from line followers to advanced free navigating equipment and why that matters for your bottom line.

Key topics covered:

  • How advancements in automation can help address current labor concerns
  • Where self-driving equipment can be best applied to optimize operations
  • What is needed to deploy and operate autonomous forklifts and how fast facilities can get started
  • How new financing models are eliminating CapEx budgeting, making autonomous equipment accessible to more facilities
  • How smart forklifts can drive continuous improvement


David Soffer, Product Management Lead, Vecna Robotics
Matt Cherewka, Director of Strategy, Vecna Robotics
Van Garrett, Director of AMR Solutions, Vecna Robotics


Robert Bowman, Editor-in-ChiefSupplyChainBrain

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