Visit Vecna Robotics at The Best of SMX Virtual Event

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Advance Your Manufacturing Smarter and Faster

The Best of SMX

October 29th

Stop by the Vecna Robotics virtual exhibit at the Best of SMX. You can interact with us via live chat and one-on-one consultations, explore our videos and products, learn about automation solutions, and more! Register here. Learn more about the event below:

The Best of SMX Virtual Event – This is an immersive experience designed to provide you with tools and resources to elevate your understanding of smart technologies, learn the benefits of implementation and collaborate with experts and early adopters.

Workflows are the engine of every business that deals with physical goods: from distribution to wholesale, retail to manufacturing. They drive the operating budget – people, facilities, machines. They drive the value of the business. Our solutions go beyond traditional automation and focus on continually maximizing human and robot performance in the workflow to enhance your flexibility, productivity, and achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

Your registration for The Best of SMX virtual event is complimentary and includes the following:

  • Education Program – Learn about case studies and real-world applications of transformative technologies, delivered by industry experts and users. Live and on-demand technical sessions provide endless opportunities to delve into smart technologies and get the information you need.
  • Virtual Exhibits – Learn about new products and technologies from leading OEM’s and solution-providers. The Best of SMX provides an opportunity to engage with sponsors who are leading the smart revolution. Discuss your challenges, investigate cutting-edge technologies and find the right solution provider for you.
  • Visionary Keynotes – Morning and afternoon presentations, delivered by visionary leaders, that promote higher-level thinking and evoke change.
  • Knowledge Bars – Presentation-free sessions on relevant topics, designed to connect attendees looking for solutions with the experts who can help.
  • Smart Resources – Save, download, and share complimentary informational resources and industry contacts that you collect from sponsors, the SME Zone, and the media resource center. Keep these valuable resources for months to come to keep up with advancing technology, maintain your innovative edge, develop your workforce, and expand your network.
  • Networking Events – Participate in multiple opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals to share success stories, offer guidance and continue crucial conversations. Connect and share through live conversations in the networking lounge, speakers Q&A;, and face-to-face video and direct messaging.

Register here.