Vecna Robotics Redefines Industrial Workflows at DHL Robotics Day

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Daniel Theobald, chief innovation officer at Vecna Robotics, presented on hybrid industrial workflows at the DHL Robotics Day in Troisdorf, Germany this week. Theobald discussed the importance of combining the individual strengths of humans and robots in sustainable industrial workflows. The presentation introduced the concepts that drive the world’s first AI-based orchestration engine to manage operational resources and monitor equipment.

Vecna is reengineering workflow automation to maximize productivity and throughput rates. This innovation will redesign the way resources are utilized across a facility or multiple locations to create sustainable growth and scalability as advanced technology is increasingly integrated.

Vecna is pioneering the world’s first AI-based orchestration engine, a tool that manages all operational resources (humans, robots, legacy automation, and manual equipment) and allocates tasks based on resource capabilities, availability, and location.

The DHL Robotics Day featured an interactive one-day format of inspiring talks, exhibitions, and breakout sessions, in which attendees were immersed in the world of robotics in logistics. The exclusive, invite-only exhibition brought together robotics technologies with the focus on how developments in robotics result in increasing autonomy and sensing capabilities.

About Vecna Robotics 

Vecna Robotics delivers automated material handling, hybrid fulfillment, and workflow optimization solutions featuring self-driving vehicles operated by a learning autonomy stack. Our solutions deliver value for customers in the distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors. Our technology goes beyond traditional automation and focuses on maximizing human and robot capability to create fulfilling jobs, increase productivity, and encourage innovation.

Read more about Pivotal, Vecna Robotics’ AI orchestration engine here.

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